The only constant in life is change. Names can change, and change back. I tried a new name on for awhile. Then we moved again. New life. New name didn't fit anymore.

Nicole's Visions, while not a name that flows perfectly, works. It encompasses all I do. And it should carry me forward for many years. 

My name is Nicole. I’m a wife to a wonderful loving & supportive husband & a mom to 2 beautiful grown young ladies. My husband & I live (again) in lush green Northwest Florida along the Gulf Coast.

 I can’t give you a cute story of how I first began taking pictures. It’s been a part of my life since my teen years. I have albums full of photos of my children from when they were growing up. The rising cost of senior pictures & professional studio pictures as my girls ended their high school years, sparked creativity & is what ultimately kick started what would become Nicoles Visions.

 The more I explored photography, the more I loved it. I’m told I have a way of seeing the world “outside the box”. I can also show people things & places they see daily, yet no longer truly see. The subjects of my photography have truly run the gambit. Flowers, landscapes, architecture, bugs, animals, food, products, and of course people.

After moving away from NW Florida across the country to North Central Washington in 2005, every aspect of photography went into overdrive for me. We lived there for 10 wonderful years & only managed to capture a fraction of the beauty there. In 2015 we decided it was time to be close to family again. Yet another cross country move brought us back to where we began. Life has been good & family is happy with our return. As we settle into our new home, I am again ready to move my photography forward. I hope you come along for the ride!

Nicoles Visions & Photography

I may not be focusing on creating photo centered handmade items as I have in the past, but I will still be taking photos! 
For those local to where I am, I offer my photography services. While being available for almost anything you need, I will be focusing on the out of the ordinary. There is already an overwhelming amount of portrait/family photographers in any area you are. I wish to help you with needs beyond this.

Do you have incredible ink that you wish to capture in print while it’s still new & fresh?
Are you a fitness nut or body builder who would love some images to share online?

If these things describe you or someone you know, contact me! This, is where I will ‘focus’ my efforts.
But this is not to say that if you need a family, party, wedding, senior or any other event photographer that you can’t call me!
And don’t forget, if you are an artisan who needs product shots, I can do that as well.

More information can be found by emailing me anytime.