Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These name changing sets ...

Sometimes, I wonder if the cool ideas I have in my head are actually worth putting out there. When I first
came up with the idea of these, they were called Spirit Tiles. Then they became Meditation Sets. Neither of these names seemed to spark an overwhelming interest. I do believe in part, that is my fault as I am not the greatest, yet, at marketing! Crazy huh?

Well … as I changed my business name & had to rework & repopulate shops & such, the sets got, you guessed it, yet another name. This time I chose to use the stones within them as part of the name. The other part comes from the properties the stones carry. I also hope to figure out the marketing side of stuff this time too.

My new shop on Zibbet still has plenty of space in it but there are at least a few things there now … go take a look by clicking HERE

I will work to get the remaining sets up & the other wood things I have. Then on to other fun things!