Tuesday, June 3, 2014

These name changing sets ...

Sometimes, I wonder if the cool ideas I have in my head are actually worth putting out there. When I first
came up with the idea of these, they were called Spirit Tiles. Then they became Meditation Sets. Neither of these names seemed to spark an overwhelming interest. I do believe in part, that is my fault as I am not the greatest, yet, at marketing! Crazy huh?

Well … as I changed my business name & had to rework & repopulate shops & such, the sets got, you guessed it, yet another name. This time I chose to use the stones within them as part of the name. The other part comes from the properties the stones carry. I also hope to figure out the marketing side of stuff this time too.

My new shop on Zibbet still has plenty of space in it but there are at least a few things there now … go take a look by clicking HERE

I will work to get the remaining sets up & the other wood things I have. Then on to other fun things!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A New Name

What is in a name anyway? Sometimes, it seems it’s just some words put together to label something or someone. Other times, there is a history behind a name. And then, there are the names that were thought out because they hold special meaning, in some way, to the owner of the name.

April 2014 marks the huge name change for & my business. What was Nicoles Visions is becoming Erde Geist & Erde Geist Photography.

New Biz Card
The words are German and mean Earth & Spirit. After much soul searching these are the words I decided upon to take me & my business forward. There were many reasons behind the change. For me to type them all out would bore many of you so I will spare you all that! Suffice it to say the new name (& new me) are a combination of my heritage& things that truly mean a lot to me.

Not much is changing otherwise. I will still offer beautiful photography related items (but in different formats than before). I will still offer many other random handcrafted items, all made with as much love & care as before. 

I will also be offering something a bit new. And that is local specialized photography services. While open to occasions, events & ideas I will be focusing on people with tattoos, body builders & bands. To begin, Ink is the first focus. You can read a bit more about that here.
New Photo Card

So with this huge change came changing my entire presence online. Almost every site where I was, required a whole new account to change my name. Check out the social media & go shop tabs up top to find me again. I will be working on adding content to the sites, store fronts, etc. as I have time & focus. You can’t imagine what a huge undertaking it is!

I hope you will all stick with me as I wander down these new roads in my journey of life!