Monday, August 20, 2012

Wild for Uncle Ernie Auction

Uncle Ernie with his new Wild Jersey
I had the most amazing time on Saturday evening. The reason for the event was to raise funds to help a very community involved local celebrity type figure with expenses resulting from a medical issue. This man is very well loved in our community. And, we learned, not as open a person as many may have thought. I was very moved by the whole evening.

As a business, I donated 5 of my prints to this event. I feel strongly about supporting my community. I also saw this as an avenue to get my name known more on a local level. But had it been just about my name, I would have stopped at one print. I really wanted to do as much as I could to help “Uncle Ernie” too. I listen to him on the radio all the time. I listen to him as he does the Wenatchee Wild games all season. He is the voice behind the awesome howl of the Wild. He has become a part of my life.

So, off I went on Wednesday to donate my prints to one of the ladies organizing things for this fundraiser. I felt great. I was excited. And that’s as far as my thoughts went on the subject. Friday I went to buy our tickets. Then Saturday evening came & we were at the event.

I wandered around looking at the variety of things donated. I loved seeing MY work on display. I felt proud! In front of each donation was a bid sheet, with a value listed & minimum bid requirements. It was then that something hit me. What if no one bid on any of my prints? What if my work was not good enough or there were no photography lovers present? Oh My … all of a sudden I was nervous. 

I voiced my fear to my husband. He told me he was surprised I had not thought of that. I told him all I thought about was how I felt lucky to be able to donate so much to help out Ernie. I had not thought about the rest until we got here this evening. We both laughed. 

At some point (I forget if it was before or after dinner) I got up & wandered around each table to take a look. I was thrilled! Each of the 5 prints had at least one bid! Oh My Goddess… people liked my work!!! I know, to anyone who knows my work they are not surprised … but to anyone who really knows ME, they understand how I felt. I am so critical of myself. Too much so I’m often told by others.

At the end of the evening I tried to hurry up & get a shot of each of the bid sheets to see how much they all went for. I got 3 out of 5 before they were snatched away by the winners. But knowing the minimum bids … I know I helped raise well over $200.

But that’s not all … As we were checking the bid sheets I got to meet one of the ladies who won the Winter Trees print. She was so beyond thrilled & I apparently (according to my loving husband) glowed with pride at this fact. We chatted a couple minutes as I told her where exactly the photo was taken. She was so happy … she had me sign the back.

And … one more. Another couple won my grapes print & they happen to own(?)(or friends own?) a new winery right here in town. They were a fun couple to meet as well & I should be seeing them again when I find the place & go take some pictures of the grapes on the vines … once they have grapes!

What a fantastic evening on so many levels! I can’t wait to do this (donating thing) again!