Monday, May 14, 2012

Bringing the Spirit Tiles to life

Back in April, Nicole's Visions did a Spring Craft Show ... it was not a huge unveiling since the foot traffic was so low, but that was the first time the Spirit Tiles were on display. And, its still the only place they have been seen. Why? Well, it's a funny story ... to me at least, since I am supposed to be a photographer!

I'm having one heck of a time trying to come up with a *good* main image for these; to use when I list them in my Zibbet shop! You would think this is something that would come easy to me.

After all, taking good pictures is what I do right? Well, yes, most of the time. I can seem to come up with all kinds of ideas when I photograph product for my daughter (Breath of the Dragon) but when it comes to my own, not so much. And, I dont get ideas from her either.

It all started when I listed my Trivets/Hotplates last fall. Some people who saw them online, were a bit confused as to what they were by just looking at the image. Picture frames? No, not quite. Several people did suggest I use them as such. Totally not my intention, or my Vision. Tho people were free to use them as such if they chose to.

When I began to think of how to photograph these so I did not end up with the same questions of whether or not they were picture frames, I felt lost.

I tried going the "professional catalog" route & whiting out the entire background. I tried just having a stand showing. Apparently, neither of these ideas was the answer.

Next I tried (just the other day actually) photographing them in grass. They were wood after all, & something natural might be the key.
Then I got a different angle by setting them on a stack of wood we have sitting outside. I even tried dirt. I'm still not sure these are right. And since I had product tags on everything (from the show) I wasn't sure if I had to go thru & remove them all or let them be.

I tell you all ... never before have I had such a time figuring out the right way to photograph something. I would really like to get this Vision out there ... I think it will make it easier to move on to the other Visions I have in my mind, just waiting to come out. I often wonder if not having these listed & out there is part of what is keeping me from moving forward with yet more of my ideas.

I'd love to hear what you, my readers, think.
Which style of picture do you think works?
Any of these?
Something totally different?
Product tag okay? Or not?

I will also provide sample pictures of how these can be used ... with candles, on an altar, on the wall, etc. The hard part is getting a *good* main image to get you to want to find out more.

Just because I am Nicole & I have Visions ... doesn't mean that sometimes my Visions aren't clear. Sometimes they are so foggy I can't even find them.