Thursday, February 23, 2012

Birthday Bash !!

Who is having a birthday?

Mom & daughter Dec 2009
Me!  And my daughter...

I will turn a whopping 47 on Tuesday the 28th. Not any real milestone, just another number. But why not have some fun & celebrate? My youngest daughter turns 25 on the 25th...  kind of a cool birthday for her tho!

I'm planning some fun on my Facebook Page on both Tuesday (28th) & Wednesday (29th)...

We'll have a giveaway  ...
some fun puzzles to put together ...
some pictures to guess ...
and a BIG special 2 day only sale...

Check out how you can enter the giveaway below ...
Get a head start ... start entering today... come back everyday for more chances to win....

The prize is your choice of one of the 3 Flowers in Bloom 2012 desk calendars I have in my shop! 2 calendars will be given away!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Redwood Spirit Tiles are ...

        drying in the sunshine!            
ready to photograph, describe & list!

I had a beautiful sunny & unseasonably warm day today to go outside & give the tiles a few last coasts of sealant. I think they look pretty darn nice.

Hopefully words will come to me to give them descriptions fitting to their beauty.

I also have to schedule a nice photo shoot day to capture their visible beauty & showcase them in different settings. It feels like such a daunting task.

One would think that photography would come naturally to me by this point. Not true.

Even tho I have been taking pictures since I was still a teen, there are times I struggle with finding just the right way to photograph things, especially my products.

So many elements come into play to create that eye catching finished image everyone sees.

 Here's to being able to bring you more of those beautiful images when I photograph these larger than life Spirit Tiles in the next week!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Spirit Tile progress moves along nicely

I am amazed. I have put more time, research & thought into these Spirit Tiles than anything else I've made in a long time. I sat again this afternoon at my table. Drop by drop I added more sealant to the crystal stones in each tile. Then one by one I sprayed, again, each tile out in the gorgeous February sunshine. I truly loved seeing the grains in the wood & the stones in the grooves seem to come alive being out in the sun & readily accepting a gentle coat or two of clear sealant.

Tuesday evening all the tiles will go outside & remain there until morning. Tuesday is the February full moon. Letting objects sit in the moonlight like this cleanses, & charges them with much positive energy...  This being just after the midpoint of winter, it is especially strong to capture all the positivity of new-ness.. of the returning light, of new growth, of (the not far off) Spring!

I'm excited to soon be able to offer these beautiful tiles to everyone. Whether they will grace someone's altar, bedside or even wall, I believe each one will find its perfect new home at just the right time.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Progress is a wonderful thing

work in progress, complete with notes!

  Today I finished up the research behind all the gemstones I have to put into the Spirit Tiles. Combining both Mystical & Elemental properties while keeping in mind how they will look & work together.  

  Keeping in mind the importance & significance of numbers as well I have placed 5 of each of 2 gemstones/crystals into each tile & 3 crystal quartz. 

All the teeny gemstones I have to work with.
  Next step is to add sealant to the crystals. Finish will be a sprayed on coat of sealant for the whole tile.

  Last thing before listing? A night of being charged by the February full moon.