Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome back!!!

It’s been a … summer. I’ve (obviously) taken quite a break from things over the past couple months here. It was not intentional in the beginning. But it quickly became habit to forget to post something. I did a lot of thinking, some growing, a little listing on Zibbet & not much else business wise. We had a lovely car crash into the house we rent the downstairs of, back on the Fourth of July weekend. Long story way short, things are not finished yet, but at least we have new windows. I used the recent Mercury Retrograde to do some serious Reflecting on several things both business related & personal. It helped.

I have come to realize that I do not have to let go of photography to move on to something else. I can balance them both. Part of my issue was having old supplies & old stock (finished products) still here that was no longer speaking to me since I’ve been looking at it for years. Well, there are still people who have seen it all only once, or never. So, it’s still new to someone, somewhere! I’ve sold some supplies & listed more of my products on my Zibbet shop. I’m feeling a bit better about that. I still have some new photography related ideas, but they will wait as I focus on getting some of my Eco Vision ideas off the ground. I hope you will continue to bear with me as I progress along this journey.

I will continue to do some interviews as we get back into fall. I will be looking for plenty of other opportunities to share with you all as well. For now, have a fantastic end of summer!