Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Visions of Success

Are you a small business person who creates handmade? Read on ... I'd love to get to know you better thru ... Visions of Success.

That is the name of a new weekly blog feature in the works. I see so many wonderful interviews out there done by blogs owners, of small (craft) business owners.. all interviewing each other to help everyone gain more exposure. And, we get to know both parties in the interview process.

Here is my angle... I love what others have done, but I (& many other artisans) still want to know more. I want to get into the nuts & bolts of being a small business... whether you are selling online, at shows or in stores... I have a list of questions I know we all would love not only answers to, but insight on. To begin, I want to focus on those who create & sell all things handmade.

So... are you willing to share some of the business part of you? Are you ready to help others learn from not only your mistakes, but your success? Comment here or email me ... NicolesVisions at Gmail dot com.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book mark winners

So, a little slow here, I know. My hubby is finally back to work after being laid off so I'm working on getting back to some sort of daily routine here.

As I was addressing the envelopes to the winners, I noticed something... all 3 are going to North Carolina! How cool is that? And two of you chose the same one!

So ... Leslie, Rebecca & Teresa... look for your free book marks (with an added surprise!) in your mailboxes by next week. They will leave Washington state on Thursday!

Since we only had 3 entrants I decided to mail each one their favorite. Yup, just because! Ladies, I hope you enjoy them!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Calendars up for sale!

It felt like this one took forever but I finally have my calendars all listed on Zibbet. For lack of a better name they are called Flowers in Bloom 1,2 & 3.

Flowers in Bloom

Flowers in Bloom II

Flowers in Bloom III

I have listed them at $12.00 each plus shipping. I'm pretty excited to have them finished, finally. I had one set of each printed & they look amazing. I'm quite happy with the outcome after all the work that was put into them. Now, to watch them sell.

If you'd like to see what each month looks like before buying, you can see them all on my Facebook page . There is an album for each one.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Facebook Fan milestone

So it's not huge ... yet. We have reached a milestone with our fan base on Facebook. As of today, we have 210 fans. I know this is a lovely mix of small business owners, family, friends, new friends & people I dont even know! Pretty cool.

I made mention that once we hit 200, we'd do some sort of giveaway....

How would you like your choice of bookmark from my collection?  How can you have one you ask? Simple.
  • Be a fan of my Facebook page.
  • Check out my book mark album
  • comment here & tell my your favorite! (Be sure to leave contact info with your comment.)
See? Not hard at all. You only have to try & decide from 30 of them! I will pick a random winner on Sunday evening.  If we get tons of entries I may up the randomness to more than one winner!