Friday, November 6, 2009

Note cards ready to view!

There is a new album on the Nicole's Visions page of Facebook. Clicking on the cute kitten card will take you right to the photo section of the fan page. I am very happy with how they turned out. Next step is getting them onto the website for sale.

I'm selling them in sets of 4 & 6. Both include domestic shipping. Anything sold in WA will have sales tax added.

A set of 4 will run $12.
A set of 6 will run $18.

If you just can't wait & wish to make you own set ... contact me now via email, a comment here, or a message on Facebook.

I'll be adding exactly how many I have of each card to their descriptions shortly. And once these are gone, I will be making more with new pictures. Most, or all, of these will be retired.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to the month of November ....

... the month we give thanks for all that we are grateful for. I am grateful that my business is still alive. It has been a hard & trying year. I am truly thankful for my fans & followers.

October brought an impromptu move for me & Nicole's Visions. In all the home hunting I have done I never dreamed we would just move to another unit within our current apartment complex. The opportunity arose & everything felt right so we did it. Bad part? Well, we had to have everything moved from one unit to the other & the old one cleaned ... in a week. Crazy! With the help of friends & lots of determination, we got it done.

My new work area is coming along nicely now. I am ready to be creative once again. And to think, just in time for the holidays.

Speaking of the quickly approaching holidays ....
I already have my bookmarks & tiles on the site. Next up will be my very popular blank photo note cards. Or, as some refer to them, small works of art! I will post when they are ready to view.

Next up after the cards will be all my prints that have those inspiring little words making them perfect for gift giving. There is something for almost every family member, partners & friends. The perfect small gift that speaks from the heart.

I have other projects in the works too so I will be super busy here. The other stuff is huge & has endless possibilities. You can get a sneak peak by checking out the fan page I made for it on Facebook. It's Green .. & surprisingly not photo related!

And speaking of fan pages ... be sure to find Nicole's Visions on Facebook too!

Here's hoping you all have something to be thankful for this holiday season!