Monday, September 28, 2009

September Promotion

IF you are a fan on my Facebook page, you already know about the book mark promotion I've been having all month long.

If you are not a fan over there ... well why not? LOL ... just kidding! But if you were a fan, you'd be among the first to know when I offer specials, do promotions or post new pictures. You'd also have gotten a chance to order bookmarks at a buy one get one price!

Not fair huh? Well ... let's change that then. From now thru Wednesday night at midnight (PDT) you can order any book mark from Nicole's Visions &; get one of equal or lesser value ... for free. Buy one, buy 10, for each one paid for, you can choose a free one. And ... there is no shipping charge within the US.

Be sure to keep up .. I'm planning another promotion for October too!

Practice photo shoot & the real deal

So I had a senior photo shoot coming up in a location I've been many times, but never to photograph a person. After all, my thing is landscapes. It doesn't matter too much if it's windy, cloudy, sunny, or a certain time of the year. Well, with a person, one must give some consideration to lighting. And to wind. Cloudy or sunny we can mostly work around.

I asked my daughter if she would mind playing model for me to get some practice in. We made the trip up to the Halfpipe Bridge in Tumwater Canyon on Friday, with the paid senior shoot happening the following day. Our day was perfect. Nice & calm with barely any wind & sunny skies.

I enjoy photographing my daughter as she has become nicely relaxed in front of the camera. It makes my job that much easier. I am very happy with how several of the pictures came out from our shoot. They have been posted on the Nicole's Visions Facebook page.

After the success with my daughter, doing Daralyn's shoot was something I felt good about & looked forward to. As Saturday came around, I was excited. Well, until it was about time to get started. Mother Nature decided to give us some wind to deal with. The sun was a bit brighter & the wind would not really let up.

Still, I have 9 that I like from that shoot. My only concern is if they'd like a close up shot cropped form any of the images. I dont feel they are sharp enough in the face to be an acceptable close up. When I shot, I shot to include the bridge, as she had wanted. With the wind, we took many less than expected, so no closeups were taken.

They are not yet posted anywhere, as we have to get approval from the model on them. If she wants, we'll also go do another shoot either back up there or anywhere else she'd like. I want my clients to be happy.