Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Event of the year & website changes

Nicole's Visions will be a part of Creative Impressions for a mall wide Earth Day event this Saturday. We're pretty excited about this. This time, instead of being in a store, we'll be out in the middle of the mall. We'll be located in a well traveled area so hopefully exposure will be at a max!

If this one day event goes well, we'll be signing up to do about 6 more from now thru October. I'll be sure to post here before each one.

The beautiful Nicole's Visions website will see a few changes over the next month. We'll be working hard to get a whole shopping section built right into the site. No more having to remember more than one address to find & purchase the many items I offer. It's time for me to make the most of the merchant services I'm paying for. I'll be able to offer sales, coupon codes & virtual gift cards. I'm very excited about all this.

I'm also going to add a nice link section to the website. If you would like to exchange links, contact me with your site & info soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Featured on a blog

Being a part of a team on Etsy has it's perks. From time to time, members will grab treasuries & feature teammates & others will blog about their teammates. Today, a fellow Etsyian & Eastern Washington Etsy Team member has included me in their blog post.
She chose an old style bookmark (which are currently on sale!!!) and a newer print featuring some beautiful grapes. Be sure to check it out & leave a comment!

I've been in a few treasuries too, but I keep forgetting to grab the screen capture so people can see.