Friday, November 6, 2009

Note cards ready to view!

There is a new album on the Nicole's Visions page of Facebook. Clicking on the cute kitten card will take you right to the photo section of the fan page. I am very happy with how they turned out. Next step is getting them onto the website for sale.

I'm selling them in sets of 4 & 6. Both include domestic shipping. Anything sold in WA will have sales tax added.

A set of 4 will run $12.
A set of 6 will run $18.

If you just can't wait & wish to make you own set ... contact me now via email, a comment here, or a message on Facebook.

I'll be adding exactly how many I have of each card to their descriptions shortly. And once these are gone, I will be making more with new pictures. Most, or all, of these will be retired.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to the month of November ....

... the month we give thanks for all that we are grateful for. I am grateful that my business is still alive. It has been a hard & trying year. I am truly thankful for my fans & followers.

October brought an impromptu move for me & Nicole's Visions. In all the home hunting I have done I never dreamed we would just move to another unit within our current apartment complex. The opportunity arose & everything felt right so we did it. Bad part? Well, we had to have everything moved from one unit to the other & the old one cleaned ... in a week. Crazy! With the help of friends & lots of determination, we got it done.

My new work area is coming along nicely now. I am ready to be creative once again. And to think, just in time for the holidays.

Speaking of the quickly approaching holidays ....
I already have my bookmarks & tiles on the site. Next up will be my very popular blank photo note cards. Or, as some refer to them, small works of art! I will post when they are ready to view.

Next up after the cards will be all my prints that have those inspiring little words making them perfect for gift giving. There is something for almost every family member, partners & friends. The perfect small gift that speaks from the heart.

I have other projects in the works too so I will be super busy here. The other stuff is huge & has endless possibilities. You can get a sneak peak by checking out the fan page I made for it on Facebook. It's Green .. & surprisingly not photo related!

And speaking of fan pages ... be sure to find Nicole's Visions on Facebook too!

Here's hoping you all have something to be thankful for this holiday season!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to October!

I've been trying to think of something fun to do for this month. I had a good time posting all my book marks in September that I want to do something else this month.

For the month of October ... anyone who plays will get to see more of my website & have chances to be entered in free drawings.

I have compiled a list of 22 questions. A new one will be posted each weekday (beginning a bit later today) on my fan page on Facebook. A drawing will be held each Weekend with winners (submitting the correct answer(s)) receiving something special of mine. Since we only have 2 days this week, the first drawing will be next weekend. That gives you 7 chances to enter!

You can enter once each day. Winners are eligible for no more than 2 prizes during the month. Multiple winners (minimum of 2) will be drawn each week depending on number of entries. All non-winning entrants will be added to the following weeks drawing. So the more you answer, the more chances you have to win!

Questions will cover all aspects of the website. Answers can be submitted 2 ways.
1. email me directly at
2. send me a msg on Facebook.
Whichever way you choose, the title "Hide & Seek answer" must be used. Your full name must be included with your entry answer. Do not submit answers where others can see them!

Monday, September 28, 2009

September Promotion

IF you are a fan on my Facebook page, you already know about the book mark promotion I've been having all month long.

If you are not a fan over there ... well why not? LOL ... just kidding! But if you were a fan, you'd be among the first to know when I offer specials, do promotions or post new pictures. You'd also have gotten a chance to order bookmarks at a buy one get one price!

Not fair huh? Well ... let's change that then. From now thru Wednesday night at midnight (PDT) you can order any book mark from Nicole's Visions &; get one of equal or lesser value ... for free. Buy one, buy 10, for each one paid for, you can choose a free one. And ... there is no shipping charge within the US.

Be sure to keep up .. I'm planning another promotion for October too!

Practice photo shoot & the real deal

So I had a senior photo shoot coming up in a location I've been many times, but never to photograph a person. After all, my thing is landscapes. It doesn't matter too much if it's windy, cloudy, sunny, or a certain time of the year. Well, with a person, one must give some consideration to lighting. And to wind. Cloudy or sunny we can mostly work around.

I asked my daughter if she would mind playing model for me to get some practice in. We made the trip up to the Halfpipe Bridge in Tumwater Canyon on Friday, with the paid senior shoot happening the following day. Our day was perfect. Nice & calm with barely any wind & sunny skies.

I enjoy photographing my daughter as she has become nicely relaxed in front of the camera. It makes my job that much easier. I am very happy with how several of the pictures came out from our shoot. They have been posted on the Nicole's Visions Facebook page.

After the success with my daughter, doing Daralyn's shoot was something I felt good about & looked forward to. As Saturday came around, I was excited. Well, until it was about time to get started. Mother Nature decided to give us some wind to deal with. The sun was a bit brighter & the wind would not really let up.

Still, I have 9 that I like from that shoot. My only concern is if they'd like a close up shot cropped form any of the images. I dont feel they are sharp enough in the face to be an acceptable close up. When I shot, I shot to include the bridge, as she had wanted. With the wind, we took many less than expected, so no closeups were taken.

They are not yet posted anywhere, as we have to get approval from the model on them. If she wants, we'll also go do another shoot either back up there or anywhere else she'd like. I want my clients to be happy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

changes, people & book marks

Well, the shopping cart changes I had hoped to have in place by now ... are still in the planning stages. Deciding between PayPal or my merchant full service account.

I have just today sent information to my trusty web developer lady, new information for the website. Soon there will be several sets of images of people for all to view. A small showcase of the portrait type work I have done over the last 3 years.

The next thing you'll notice is a new section for shopping. Not sure the exact word we'll use but it will be it's own section & the button will be along the top navigation.

First thing to be added to shop for ... my 2008 full line of book marks! All 30 of them. If you just can't wait to see them ... I have them uploaded on my business page on Facebook. So if you are on Facebook, check it out, become a fan ... keep up a little better with Nicole's Visions.

I've slacked off this year, thanks to a slumping economy. It's been tough going. But enough is enough & I'm getting back into the swing of things full force before the holidays are again upon us.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Event of the year & website changes

Nicole's Visions will be a part of Creative Impressions for a mall wide Earth Day event this Saturday. We're pretty excited about this. This time, instead of being in a store, we'll be out in the middle of the mall. We'll be located in a well traveled area so hopefully exposure will be at a max!

If this one day event goes well, we'll be signing up to do about 6 more from now thru October. I'll be sure to post here before each one.

The beautiful Nicole's Visions website will see a few changes over the next month. We'll be working hard to get a whole shopping section built right into the site. No more having to remember more than one address to find & purchase the many items I offer. It's time for me to make the most of the merchant services I'm paying for. I'll be able to offer sales, coupon codes & virtual gift cards. I'm very excited about all this.

I'm also going to add a nice link section to the website. If you would like to exchange links, contact me with your site & info soon.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Featured on a blog

Being a part of a team on Etsy has it's perks. From time to time, members will grab treasuries & feature teammates & others will blog about their teammates. Today, a fellow Etsyian & Eastern Washington Etsy Team member has included me in their blog post.
She chose an old style bookmark (which are currently on sale!!!) and a newer print featuring some beautiful grapes. Be sure to check it out & leave a comment!

I've been in a few treasuries too, but I keep forgetting to grab the screen capture so people can see.