Sunday, November 16, 2008

Creative Impressions has opened !!

The big day finally came & went. The brainchild of my daughter & me opened on Saturday. We have all as a group worked to bring this together & make it happen. I'm happy with the look & feel of the store. I love how all of our things mesh so nicely in the space we have.

Going from being all about the bras, to trying to enjoy a week's vacation to finishing up everything with the store has been a feat for sure. The bras were a big success. The vacation was a nice needed break before the holidays. Now I can better focus not only on my work but on the store.

I finally got some more tile coasters prepared on Saturday afternoon. Big thanks to Mother Nature for giving me a fairly warm sun-shiny afternoon to spray them. Now they sit to dry completely before I stack them in sets & bring them to the mall.

There is a new post over on the stores blog too...
Creative Impressions

I'll work on sharing photos soon. Just need a bit of time to adjust to us being open.