Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bridge to a Cure photos

Alrighty ... I got some photos cropped & edited to put up online. Whew! My hubby sure got shutter happy!! But that's exactly what I wanted him to do since I was participating & not able to be behind the camera myself. He did really well too. Thanks honey!

So these photos are from the big day. You'll see some pictures of the film crew mixed in with all of us. If you live in the Wenatchee Area & are reading this, I encourage you to go see these. Trying to convey what all those bras look like in pictures is nothing to going & experiencing them for yourself. They will be up until Sunday. Sunday at 1pm we will begin to take them all down. Not sure exactly what will happen to them yet. We were not able to get them all strung up to begin with tho ... the bridge was too small!!

Enjoy the photos!! Click on the photo below, it will take you to the album on my Nicole's Visions MySpace page. I'll be adding some captions later. I just wanted to at least get all the pix up there.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wenatchee World Bra event article

After a long day. the newspaper guys, the film makers & all us women had a fulfilling & fun time. Here is the article The World put out. It will appear in print in the Monday edition.

Bra Display Highlights Breast Cancer Awareness

I've gotten the photos onto the computer, but have not sorted thru them to post any yet. Today is a day off where the man & I are going to chase some fall color. I'll work on editing the photos & getting them online early next week.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bras by the numbers ... again

This count is not accurate as I know Drop Dead Fabulous has ALOT more than listed here.
I updated so the count is now much more accurate. Final count will be Saturday sometime. Should be fantastic!

Drop Dead Fabulous at last count ... 966

At my home ... 252

Total so far ... 1218

I spent some time recounting the ones at home just to be sure I had not messed up along the way. Then I began the process of separating them by the amount of hooks they have. This will help to make things a bit easier come hooking day. I have 14 that have been written on & are not included in the separated count below.

(click on them to see them bigger)

There were 23 bras with 1 hook. 126 with 2 hooks. 43 with 3 hooks. 16 with 4 hooks. And 1 with 5 hooks. Now all these close in the back. Then we have 29 that are a combination of front close, training with no hooks, & of course the one corset. Interesting. I can't wait to see them all strung together.

Picking up the boxes today from the East Wenatchee locations also brought some donations of money! I collected $65 in cash & checks!! A big thank you to all of you!!

(click to see bigger)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Good Morning Everyone!!
The sun is shining & fall is definitely in the air here in Central Washington. I had hoped to get out & photograph some of that beautiful Autumn color, but it will have to wait until this Sunday. Wait for me color!!!! I can only hope it wont be too late.

This weekend I spent alot of time at the mall. We ended up having the table there all weekend long. I was there most of the evening Friday, on & off on Saturday, & again on Sunday. We had a great response to the cause. A few people couldn't believe we have the nerve to string bras in public, but the majority thought it was a fantastic idea. The promise of many donated bras was there all weekend. I personally went 7 emptied the box at Style Masters on Friday evening. I had another donation on Saturday from the Harry Richie Jewelers Ladies. Thanks to you all. The deadline is fast approaching too, this Wednesday.

We were set up with Coffee Mecca & Wellness Place. Coffee Mecca did a great job with their bake sale. Wellness Place did great getting the word out about the center & breast cancer. They started with a stack of pink bracelets & thanks to the generous donations of many people over the weekend, the bracelets were gone by mid afternoon Sunday!

Oh I have to tell you all ... I splurged & got a mango fruit smoothie from coffee Mecca on Sunday. Oh Yum!! Nothing but a fruit puree & ice. It was awesome!

I'll check on the drop boxes today & bring a bra count update tonite.
Have a fantastic day !!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet me at the mall !!

The Wenatchee Valley Mall is having a fair this weekend. Among the festivities will be informational tables such as ours. Near the main entrance (see photo above) are a few tables featuring the Bridge to a Cure, Bras for a Cause information & the Wellness Place table promoting breast cancer awareness.

Coffee Mecca will have a bake sale with proceeds going to Wellness Place. Their table for the sale is right there with us! Yum!

All American Ice Cream is donating .50 from every pink item sold over the fair weekend.

If you happen to read this & live in the area, I'd love to meet you. I will be there at the table on Saturday from 11 to 1. I hope to make it back in the evening for a little while too.

If they are in a bag, you can drop off your bras with me! Or, you can still bring them to any of the drop off locations listed in this post.
The deadline is fast approaching. It's Wednesday the 15th.

*mall photos are from the Wenatchee Valley Mall's MySpace.

A film? About Bras?

How cool would that be right? Well, taking pictures of the event is the best we thought we would get. Funny how things in your world can change in a day. Let me explain ....

I got a letter yesterday from a filmmaker who had heard about the bra project. I was so excited! She wants to make a film about what we are doing. Did ya have to read that twice? I did!! I was beside myself thinking we were doing something so big that warranted a film. Woah!!

Her name is Kathy Kiefer. She owns JACOL filmworks. And even better... she lives in fairly nearby Soap Lake, WA. She wants to make a mini documentary about the whole project. The finished product will be available on DVD. A portion of the proceeds from each sale will go to a breast cancer place of our choosing. She plans for the tape to be about 30 minutes long. And we'll be involved in the editing of it and have final approval of the final product. Too cool.

I am so excited to meet her next week. She is excited too. I think this will lend a whole other aspect to the whole thing. She'll be interviewing both myself & Laura as well as any other folks involved that we think she should speak to.

I'll keep you all updated on the whole thing!!

Until then, if you'd like to get to know a little about her, & her work ...

click on the image to go to her boobalogues website.

Another Bra Count Update

It's that time again everyone!! I love watching these numbers grow. And I'll be stopping by the drop off places this weekend too. So let's hope this number is way bigger by Monday!!

Bras at Drop Dead Fabulous - 368

At my Home - 168

Total so far .......... 536 !!!

Fantastic!! I know we can do better tho ... come on!!
We still have until Wednesday so there is time to collect many more.

I took a picture the other day of the pile at the Drop Dead Fabulous Shop. You all saw it in the blog post. Well, today, the pile looked so much bigger!! Laura had to find a better way to continue the pile! So, a super cute chest was added. I'll have to swing by & snap a shot of that!

I want to say a huge thank you to all the wonderful people who have taken the time to send bras in the mail. That means so much to me, & this cause!!! You all ROCK!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Bra Print

This is the first bra image I've made to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. I'll be printing this & offering it for sale. 50% of the October profits will be donated to Wellness Place.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can I make a difference??

Can I make a difference? Me? All by myself?

People ask this of themselves often. So many people think the little things they do can't possibly make a difference in the big scheme of things.

How wrong they are.

One Penny. One penny for every bra that we collect. Can you handle that? If we collect our goal of 2000, that is only $20. At our current count, that would only be $4.84.

See? You can make a difference in the lives of others by doing your little part. I encourage each & every person to donate 1 penny for each bra we collect. All the money collected will stay right here in town. Wellness Place will be so grateful for your pennies.

Together, our pennies will add up big. So even alone we can make a difference ...

Donations can be brought to Drop Dead Fabulous at 108 First St. or mailed to Nicole's Visions at PO Box 1602, Wenatchee, WA 98807. Checks should be made payable to Wellness Place.

Bra Count !!

So here we go again. As of the count below which was done on the 7th, we're almost at 500. Can you believe it? How incredible is that??
We currently have enough to span the pedestrian bridge twice at least. But we can't stop there people!! We need to collect as many as possible, to raise the awareness!!

At Drop Dead Fabulous ... 347

At my home ... 137

Total so far ... 484

Ahhh .... Approval for Bras

How fantastic is this ?? We have the approval from the Mayor of Wenatchee!! Now granted, it was not our first choice as to location, but the important part is that we have approval. Laura Herrera of Drop Dead Fabulous finally got someone to give her an answer.
Whew!! Thanks for all those phone calls & your persistence Laura!!

The bras will be strung along both sides of the pedestrian bridge. It is located at the foot of First Street in downtown Wenatchee. It bridges the railroad tracks & connects downtown to the Apple Capital Loop Trail. It's actually a perfect place to have the bras on display. People will be able to walk the bridge & see just how many wonderful bras we collected from not only The Valley, but all over the US. People will also be able to see the fun some ladies had "blinging" their bras before they donated them!!

Some people had issues with the bras waving form a bridge that was traveled everyday by thousands of people, including children. Well, I wont get into the children part but I do understand the traffic issue. There is concern that having the bras flying high on the bridge might cause traffic concerns. So, this pedestrian bridge is again the perfect solution.

So watch for those bras to be on display form October 19th to the 26th !!!

Thanks Mayor Dennis Johnson!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bra News & Bra counts

This is all getting so exciting people!! Laura has collected lots of bras from the Wenatchee side of the river the past couple days. I've gotten some by mail & a few from the boxes on this side. But even more exciting was my friend telling me about another place doing the bra thing.

Check out the article I found on it. >> HERE << One of the comments from a guessing reader (Helen in Victoria, Canada) on how many bras it would take: Well the Bridge is 7/8 of a mile long - which is 4620 feet divided by 36" or 3 feet (Average per Bra)= 1540 Bras from one end of the Bridge to the other - just a guess. Let's Hope there is a cure soon.

The friend who told me about this got some pix with his cell phone. I'll have to get him to email me some if he can.

So on to the bra count update!!! Ready?

At Drop Dead Fabulous 289

At my home 127

Total so far 416

Laura is stopping by the clinic today as they have said they have 2 bags full!! So we'll ad those to the count this weekend.