Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sometimes change can be good ...

original sample photo

Once upon a time, there was an idea to create something special from pieces of discarded California Redwood. Saved from a mill, Nicole’s Visions inherited a stack of these select pieces, all with one distinction. They each had a knothole. Some were big open holes, some were small. Others were delicate with pieces still left inside, while some were not even open all the way thru. 

holders made, waiting to be finished

After much thought, some of these pieces were turned into 3 different sized hot plate trivets. They looked incredible & were very well received. Determined to not waste any of the wood, the cut off ends from the trivets were cut into unique soap dishes.

Another stack of pieces that for one reason or another did not quite make it as trivets, sat, waiting. Their wait was over when I decided to create a special more pagan themed item. After several setbacks, Spirit Tiles were born & created. They looked just as incredible & unique as the trivets. But … getting people to understand their intent & purpose, proved difficult online. Heck, even in person it was not easy.

finished holders with 2 of the many candles
A recent lunch with a friend began to change all that. I needed something to attract attention. A gimmick even, if you may. Was there a way to turn it into a set? Hmmm. My head began to spin with ideas & not long after I was scrambling to make it come alive. I had an idea. In the end, the idea needed the recruitment of not only my hubby again, but my daughter. 

Hubby cut some of the still left over redwood for me into small candle holders. I would later do all the finish work on them. My daughter offered to step up to make candles for me. I had originally thought of using soy but after her offer, decided on using all natural 100% beeswax. A bit of idea tossing & she made for me small hand dipped tapers.Why, after looking at the sample set up photo, this did not occur to me is beyond me.

holders have cork on back
Putting everything together was awesome. Now, they needed a better name. Spirit tiles just did not seem to fit any longer. But nothing came to me. And my show was very fast approaching. So, signs made, they stayed Spirit Tiles. 

Doing a show, we tend to help each other out if one of us needs to run off for a minute. While my daughter was trying to explain what they were to a customer, it all kind of came together. She mentioned the word focus came to mind. Focus led to meditate. Ta-da! Meditation sets.

Each set will contain the wooden tile piece, a candle holder & 2 small tapers.

At the most recent show, one found a new home while the rest came back with me. Now came the task of finding new words to better fit this new idea/product. Those, looking back, came easy. 

quick shot taken for future blog post!
Whats harder, is getting decent weather to take new pictures to be able to properly list them online. I do not have a studio & rely mostly on Mother Nature’s glorious natural light. This week tho, that light has been blocked by clouds. While I wait impatiently for the sun to peek thru, the words to share this journey began to flow … and here we are.

Soon as the light is good I will set things up to take new photos. Then within hours they will be re-listed again for sale! I know you will love the new path these pieces have taken as much as I have.

Until next time


Barbra said...

They are really terrific. Regarding light, I don't know what I'd do without my screened in porch!

TexasEagle said...

Good luck my friend! Your passion is inspirational!

Unexpected Treasure said...

You do such wonderful things with wood. Keep up the good work.

Raige Creations said...

they are beautiful!