Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spring Craft Show

Another show has come & gone for Nicole’s Visions. This time it was the Spring Craft show at the Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center. This is the same location we did a Holiday show at late last fall. For the holidays, it was a decent show. For Spring? Right after Easter? Not so much.  Well, at least not for us or Breath of the Dragon. It was a bust for us both. Tho there were not a ton of shoppers, I did see many vendors making several sales.

 Towards the end, I talked a bit with the people across from us. They are an older couple. He makes some pretty nifty wood things that I don’t know the name for but they look like a puzzle with all the different pieces & shades of wood coming together to make a scene or animal or something. His wife does some very traditional artificial flower arrangements. He was telling me how their sales were definitely down & they contemplated whether the $400 in spring sales was worth coming out for next year … compared to the over $900 they do in the fall. Nice. And both those figures are down from past years. And here I am thinking how I’d love to have their spring sales in the fall! One day maybe!

Perhaps its too crowded?

So this tells me something. It’s not all the fault of the show for small or no sales. It is also what you have. And I believe that the type of people that wandered thru this particular show were not the types to buy what Nicole’s Visions or Breath of the Dragon had to sell, when its not the holidays. Something to work on for sure.

And believe me, when there are little or no sales, one has tons of time to contemplate all the ‘whys’ of the day. Why am I not selling anything when I see others selling? Is my display not good enough? Is it too good? Are my prices too high? Or low? Is my product not good enough? Is my location within the show bad? It goes on & on. Granted, when looking around we were the youngest ones there by far. Did this have something to do with it? Can we not be trusted because we’re young? Yes, even the silly questions run rampant thru the mind at times like this.

Just 1 of many new ideas

But, what I will take away from this is just the fact that I got my name out there, again. Not all shows will be great. I have a great (but perhaps a bit crowded?) display & a great product line. I just have to find the right people, at the right time, to purchase them! I think I’ll look for a few more free events over the summer, while I work on my new ideas. I even put out my Spirit Tiles for the first time ... not that there were many people to see them.

Until next time ... Enjoy your Spring!


Body & Soul said...

Your space is great I don't think it's too crowded at all! Try doing a giveaway next time to bring people to your booth, (when there are people to bring) , I think you & Connie have a great booth! I think it looks neat and organized and lots to choose from, which is important!

No kidding I'd like to have their spring sales ~ just once at a show!


Barbra said...

Wish my booth looked as good as yours. Did a show last week that was awful. Same show last year it was terrific! I seemed to notice people were looking,not buying and the 'need' to buy at this time of year is not the same as any show pre-Christmas. It's not you!!!