Monday, February 6, 2012

Spirit Tile progress moves along nicely

I am amazed. I have put more time, research & thought into these Spirit Tiles than anything else I've made in a long time. I sat again this afternoon at my table. Drop by drop I added more sealant to the crystal stones in each tile. Then one by one I sprayed, again, each tile out in the gorgeous February sunshine. I truly loved seeing the grains in the wood & the stones in the grooves seem to come alive being out in the sun & readily accepting a gentle coat or two of clear sealant.

Tuesday evening all the tiles will go outside & remain there until morning. Tuesday is the February full moon. Letting objects sit in the moonlight like this cleanses, & charges them with much positive energy...  This being just after the midpoint of winter, it is especially strong to capture all the positivity of new-ness.. of the returning light, of new growth, of (the not far off) Spring!

I'm excited to soon be able to offer these beautiful tiles to everyone. Whether they will grace someone's altar, bedside or even wall, I believe each one will find its perfect new home at just the right time.

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