Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Giving Thanks by helping others

On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving (here in the US) Nicole's Visions, Breath of the Dragon & Uber Dreamer Concepts were among the volunteers helping out with the huge Thanksgiving foodbank at the Women's Resource Center in Wenatchee. Nicole's Visions has been helping every week for well over a year now & on occasion before that. Both Breath of the Dragon & Uber Dreamer Concepts have been helping out for a better part of the spring & summer. It is such a rewarding experience for us all. And we are all grateful that we can give back to the community in this way.

These 2 tents provide a bit of shelter while people wait their turn. We had a crappy day weather wise. Tho the rain did stop a few times & it even got a teeny bit brighter on occasion!

Looking down the driveway, we set up tables so we could offer a bunch of different choices for everyone. I was looking to see how much space we had left to add more things.
 On our trusty picnic table we stacked boxes filled with ingredients for families to make a Thanksgiving meal. All these boxes (& more were inside) were filled by volunteers, assembly line style. It takes a lot to pull this off!
 Including turkeys!

Things really filled in quick as we worked to get all the food out! I'm off there on the far left again... trying to figure out if we have everything ready & together.

 We had all kinds of breads & lots of misc foods too. And by the time we were done ... all this was gone.

We even had potatoes, pears, oranges & frozen turkey & gravy. You can see Sunfire from Breath of the Dragon off on the far left there!

And back here ... was a bunch of extra stock ... more pasta, more plums, more oatmeal, more tomato sauce ....

My friend Joe took these pictures so I dont have all the shots I wanted, but he did a great job getting these for me & it gives you all a good idea of what we do for the holidays for all these families. We fed over 200 families that day.

This week was another crazy week. Even tho we had such a huge line & gave out SO much food last week, we had another 100+ people in line this week. Less than 7 days after Thanksgiving. Not sure where all the food went since you would think maybe people would have some left overs at least... And we had a lot of new faces this week. This seems ot be a trend we're noticing. Longer lines each week than we expect & more new faces.

I am thankful that I am able to help out by giving my time. I would like to see if some of us small business people here in town could get together & have our own food drive with the proceeds going directly to the Women's Resource Center. When other places do their food drives in town, we are forgotten. We often dont get any portion of the collected money or food. It makes it harder for us to serve our community.


Raige Creations said...

wow that was a lot of food.
awesome job you did. I bet everyone was so thankful.

Grandmother Carolyn said...

Thank YOU, Nicole, et al, for caring and sharing. This is an excellent post, great pics, and a story of a sad day here in the United States, to have so many out of work, so many needing just the basics, like food. Nicely written, Nic!