Saturday, October 22, 2011

Playing tour guide

For the past several entries I’ve focused on providing some info to help with photography. 

This weekend, I’ve spent time taking actual scenic pictures with my camera instead of just product shots. Tho, I did do some of those too, earlier this week.

So often I just forget how much fun it is to go out & take some pictures.

This weekend my husband’s dad & step mom have been here visiting from FL. We’ve been playing tour guide to show them some of our beautiful country up here. I found someone who enjoys taking pictures of everything like I do! My mother in law! It has been fun. I’ll work on uploading & editing some pictures this week.  

Know I cant put these off forever like a lot of the other ones I still have to share because she’ll bug me every now & then until I share them all! 

So before I head to bed, I better make sure my batteries are charged for one more day of sightseeing & hiking tomorrow.

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