Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What I would like to touch on today, is backgrounds for product photos. 

I think its awesome when folks get creative with their backgrounds in pictures. 

But I also firmly believe it is super important to have at least 1 image where there is nothing to distract you from the product. 


Unless your item needs a prop to be properly photographed.

Some of the beautiful handcrafted items we all make go great on plain white. Some, not so much. 

Same goes for black. 
Some look stunning that way. Some, not. 

So what are you to do then? 

My suggestion would be to find a neutral simple color that goes with most or all of the things you make. 

For some people this means using the grass outdoors.
For others it may mean a colored piece of material.

Or maybe a mannequin.
    It all depends on what you create.

If you sell mainly one type of product in your shop/website, try to keep the background the same color in all your main photo, shots. 

This gives your shop/website a nice cohesive feeling. 

When people then click to see more, this is where you can get more creative. 

Play with the angles, props, & whatnots.

It’s simple enough. When you are trying to sell something, less can be so much more.

I’m going to leave this simple. 

I wish I had room to show you so many more shop items. I'll work on that!

As always, comments, questions & inquiries are welcome!
To see out how I do my shots, check out my shop. I'm always working to change them, too.

Shops in order of photo appearance:
All About the Buttons
Grandmother's House
Portable Graffiti
Raige Creations
Handmade Fuzzy


Grandmother Carolyn said...

Thank you, Nicole, for the nice shout-out - photography is difficult, but getting better as fellow Zibbeters are generous with their advice and suggestions!
((HUGS)), Grandmother Carolyn

Raige Creations said...

thank you so much for showing the backgrounds. I struggle with the right background for my different items, and sometimes even the same type items. I used to have a pool for the Toekini's, which was GREAT, but now that we do not have that finding great backgrounds is a challenge. Sometimes I like to mix it up, thinking customers may get sick of the exact same shot. But is that just me sick of taking the exact same shot? hard to tell. :)

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

Good choice of images to display! :))

Cheryl Z. said...

choosing a background & a look was/is a huge deal for me. i've committed to black with shadows from the jewelry, but whenever i see a different color, i waver because i love color. thanks for your article. it's a tough issue for me... cheryl /seattlechic

Raige Creations said...

Hey girl, you got the Liebster Blog award, from me! :)

BHB Kidstyle said...

Good advice!

Finding Charm said...

I use natural light and a neutral wood background that show everything off perfectly. I get a lot of compliments on my photos. So I haven't changed much.

Sandra's Fiberworks said...

congrats on your Liebster award! :))