Friday, October 28, 2011

Marketing Material progress

Last month a fellow business person on Zibbet & I got together to make a new image for me. I have mentioned this before & you can see the beautiful results not only in the banner on this blog, but in my shop banner on Zibbet, my business cards, my avatars, web ads & last but not least product tags.
product tag designed by Judy
I wanted a nifty tag to use for adding prices to my things. Since not everything is flat photos anymore, I thought something new would be in order.

base image used for biz cards & banner, shot in my yard.
Judy was so patient with me. I gave her some images I shot in the yard to use as backgrounds for all the stuff & she worked her magic on the design front. I really had no concrete idea for the tags so I was beyond pleased when we worked out the details to get the result we got. 

Today I went in search of a hole punch & some kind of string. I knew for the smaller tags I would need a smaller than typical hole & hoped I could find something to fit. I did! Fiskars makes not only the typical ¼ inch hole punch but also a 1/8 inch one. And … it was on sale! 

Next was the search for string, or twine, or hemp, or yarn. Something fairly thin to use to connect the tag to the products. I saw some hemp in a nice brown at Wal-Mart. Not sure it was a good deal, I passed & headed to Craft Warehouse (where I found the hole punch) hoping to find more variety or something there. I found (in the jewelry dept of all places) something called colored cord. It’s thin, & brown. Wasn’t hemp like I had kinda hoped, but with the 40% off coupon I had, it was priced right.

           Product tags printed in various sizes & cut           
Now that I finally have my trivets ready to sell, I am looking forward to adding the price tags so they are ready for the local show I’ll be doing on November 12th.

Small steps, constantly, eventually bring about great things!

Oh & I should mention too that the tags got printed best on nice 65lb cardstock on a laser printer. I tried at home on my inkjet & the color difference was amazing between that & the big printer at my local Office Depot. Well worth the cost.


Portable Graffiti said...

They sure came out nice Nicole! Thanks so much for doing a blog post about them. Your trivets are amazing. Can't wait to see how the tags look on the products.

Nicole's Visions said...

Once I have them ready & on products I'll be sure to take some pictures. Definitely when they are set up at the show in November!

The Needle House said...

I never saw the pic taken in the backyard before you explained it. That is a great job. Am anxious to follow your blog.