Friday, October 7, 2011

Hunger Awareness

It’s Friday! The weekend is here! For many this is a time to be off work & spend it with family. One of the simple joys of family time often revolves around food. Whether its snacking on popcorn while watching the game or a movie … or gathering around the family table for a nice home cooked meal, many take for granted the fact that there is always food available.

What if there wasn’t? What if you didn’t have the luxury of a snack anytime you wanted? What if you had to wonder where your next meal was going to come from? Sadly, this is on the minds of countless families, everyday.

Out in our corner of the country, October is also Hunger Awareness month. I say also, because there are other causes this month that overshadow this one. Did you even know there was a Hunger Awareness month?  I as made aware of this one day while chatting with the amazing woman in charge of The Women’s Resource Center food bank.

I volunteer there each Tuesday to help things go smoothly at each food bank. We never really know how many people will be waiting in line. It varies not just with the time of the month, but with the seasons as well. We have many seasonal fruit related jobs here in the valley, so when its time to pick, sort & package, jobs are there. But during the off times, jobs are much more scarce. So, our lines grow during these times. But jobs or not, we have elderly & disabled people in line, all year long, needing help.

Did you know, that right here in our country, many older and/or disabled people are forced to choose between buying food or buying their medication? Yes, its true. Another reason we are here to help.

Our center is part of a network of local food banks but not all receive the same amounts of food. Food comes from various sources for each place. I see firsthand how oftentimes we get less. I’ve learned how politics play a part in how much (or little) we get.

But mostly, I see the people. I see their faces. I listen to them talk to each other & to me. I help those who come in wheelchairs, or with canes, get their choices put into bags, a cart or a box. I can feel the appreciation they have for what we do. The occasional thank you, or bless you warms my heart. I always leave, wanting to do more.

This is my point. Doing more. For the month of October, I will be helping the center with each item I sell from my Zibbet shop. It doesn’t matter if its on sale, or not. Big or small. I am taking $2 from every item sold & using that to buy food for the center. I hope you can help me, help others by making a purchase this month. You’ll enjoy an added bonus of 50% off your shipping as well. On all orders, worldwide!

Thank you for reading. And helping if you are able. I will update at the end of the month on the wonderful total we had!

I’ll be back with another post on Monday! May you all have a bountiful  harvest on your tables this glorious Autumn weekend!


Sunfire said...

You are much better with words than me... Going to reshare your post, in the hopes it helps us both do something good.

Lisa said...

What a great blog and a wonderful cause! I'm your newest follower too...

Nicole's Visions said...

Thanks ladies!! Here's hoping we do great this month!