Sunday, October 16, 2011

Angles in product photography

So we hit ever so lightly on lighting the other day. 

Today I’d like to hit on angles. 

Specifically, in product photography. 

While it can play a huge role in nature & portrait work, it also plays a huge role in how you photograph your product.

For those of us who sell our creations & works of art online, it is tough to get across just how great our work is, with just words.
We need pictures. Images. Something to help cement that feeling our words tried to convey. 

Having a square head on shot of your item is by all means important. But please, don’t stop there. We (on Zibbet) are offered up to 5 images with a basic account & 8 for premium. 

Find a way to fill them! 

Granted, for some things it may be impossible without being overly redundant. But of others, its easy to take picture after picture. So take advantage of this & play with the angles from which you take them.

Get down to almost eye level to help convey how thick, tall, thin or short, your item is. 

Find the perfect angle so the buyer can see the texture of your creation. The shine, the yarn, the grain, everything. 

The only caution I have here is to not get too close if your item has natural flaws. 

When we create by hand, we have flaws, or they would not be handmade. 

So get close enough to show, but not so
close that EVERYTHING shows … ya know?

That beautiful head on shot is great. Take it from overhead if you can.

Now stand in front of your item. 

How would it look if you saw it in a store, or on display? 

Take a picture from that angle. 

If your item is functional, play with the angles,
with the item in use. 
If your item is worn, play with the angles, on a model.

You get the idea. Get creative. 

Combine these creative angle ideas with the lighting ideas I mentioned too.

Sure, that one great basic shot is important.

But so is the creativity you can convey with the other images allowed in your listings!

While I don’t have the perfect images to show you everything I mean, I know the creative mind in you can see these new creative angles, creative perspectives.

If you ever desire any help, I’m always here. Stuck on what other angles to try? Not sure if something works? I’m happy to help! You can see how I use angles in my product shots both in my Zibbet shop & my daughters ...


Garden Gate Botanicals said...

Fantastic post!!! Thanks!

Raige Creations said...

great tips! I need to remind myself of these when taking pictures gets so boring and tedious! It does for me, when taking the 500th picture of Toekini's. How many different ways can you take pictures of feet with Toekini's on them??

Nicole's Visions said...

How about a complete side/profile view? Or the 2 feet, crossed, from the perspective of the person wearing them, lounging? Or what they look like with a beautiful ankle length skirt? Or peeking out form under a wedding (type) dress? Or standing up straight & looking down at them (on your feet) in the grass?