Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book mark winners

So, a little slow here, I know. My hubby is finally back to work after being laid off so I'm working on getting back to some sort of daily routine here.

As I was addressing the envelopes to the winners, I noticed something... all 3 are going to North Carolina! How cool is that? And two of you chose the same one!

So ... Leslie, Rebecca & Teresa... look for your free book marks (with an added surprise!) in your mailboxes by next week. They will leave Washington state on Thursday!

Since we only had 3 entrants I decided to mail each one their favorite. Yup, just because! Ladies, I hope you enjoy them!


Raige Creations said...

YAY! Thank you so much, Nicole! You are so generous. I can't wait to get mine, and then get a good book to read.....

Christina of Bent Realm Studios said...

That's cool :) I keep forgetting to check for cool contests. Or else I would have entered.

How do you get your bookmarks printed up? I've yet to find a good and affordable way to offer printed bookmarks...I'm always curious about the processes and mechanics of such things anyhow.