Monday, January 31, 2011

Calendars finished!

Whew! only a few days later than I had hoped, I have finished all the graphic work on my calendars! Next step is for me to send them off to have a test set printed. As long as everything looks alright in print, I can then photograph everything with the display stand & get them listed on my Zibbet shop.

I had someone mention they would have liked to have seen some without the moon phase info on them. The finished product, as is, is how I first envisioned them. If there are enough people, I can certainly offer a set without the moon information. My only concern with that, is that I placed the bigger box where I did, to allow for the moon info box below. The way these were put together, it would be easy for me to just omit the moon info but if I had to move that box, I'd be starting over since its all done in layers. I'm sure I'll figure out a better way to do these as the years progress, without giving up what I like so much about the current features.

So here is a few samples of a finished month...

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