Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zibbet shop

I previously mentioned something about new beginnings. The first of those visible to the world is a new shop on Zibbet. Making this move away from Etsy & toward Zibbet was not done in haste. It took a bit of reading, research & lots of talking to my daughter & her boyfriend. A blog post he made recently cemented the idea for me to choose Zibbet for my new online storefront. The way he put things in his post, just made sense.

I opened my new shop on December 6th. For financial reasons I will begin with a free shop. This is something Etsy did not offer. The only way your shop is free there, is if its empty. they charged you both to list each item, and to sell it. The structure of Zibbet is much better in that respect.

But what about my website? it's still there. Always will be. Yes, over the last year & a half I had added a whole product section complete with Paypal buttons for your shopping ease. But promoting your own website is hard. you have no help & must learn the ropes all on your own. With a shop on a site such as Zibbet (or the others out there) you have the power of the main site to help drive traffic to your small (or large!) shop within the site. As for my main site, I am hoping ot make some changes there soon as well.

Etsy has all that so why move? Yes, Etsy does have size on its side. And it is building a name for itself too. and it has gotten really big. So big that small people get lost in the shuffle on there. And unless you can afford to constantly pay to list & re-list your items to stay seen, its very overwhelming to be there. From a cost perspective, it was not for me.

I am happy to be at Zibbet now. I will be listing a variety of items over the next few weeks & into the new year. So far I have listed a couple bookmarks & holiday magnets. It will be a process to get things listed, but I believe everyone will be happy in the end.

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