Friday, October 10, 2008

Meet me at the mall !!

The Wenatchee Valley Mall is having a fair this weekend. Among the festivities will be informational tables such as ours. Near the main entrance (see photo above) are a few tables featuring the Bridge to a Cure, Bras for a Cause information & the Wellness Place table promoting breast cancer awareness.

Coffee Mecca will have a bake sale with proceeds going to Wellness Place. Their table for the sale is right there with us! Yum!

All American Ice Cream is donating .50 from every pink item sold over the fair weekend.

If you happen to read this & live in the area, I'd love to meet you. I will be there at the table on Saturday from 11 to 1. I hope to make it back in the evening for a little while too.

If they are in a bag, you can drop off your bras with me! Or, you can still bring them to any of the drop off locations listed in this post.
The deadline is fast approaching. It's Wednesday the 15th.

*mall photos are from the Wenatchee Valley Mall's MySpace.

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