Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Monday!!

Good Morning Everyone!!
The sun is shining & fall is definitely in the air here in Central Washington. I had hoped to get out & photograph some of that beautiful Autumn color, but it will have to wait until this Sunday. Wait for me color!!!! I can only hope it wont be too late.

This weekend I spent alot of time at the mall. We ended up having the table there all weekend long. I was there most of the evening Friday, on & off on Saturday, & again on Sunday. We had a great response to the cause. A few people couldn't believe we have the nerve to string bras in public, but the majority thought it was a fantastic idea. The promise of many donated bras was there all weekend. I personally went 7 emptied the box at Style Masters on Friday evening. I had another donation on Saturday from the Harry Richie Jewelers Ladies. Thanks to you all. The deadline is fast approaching too, this Wednesday.

We were set up with Coffee Mecca & Wellness Place. Coffee Mecca did a great job with their bake sale. Wellness Place did great getting the word out about the center & breast cancer. They started with a stack of pink bracelets & thanks to the generous donations of many people over the weekend, the bracelets were gone by mid afternoon Sunday!

Oh I have to tell you all ... I splurged & got a mango fruit smoothie from coffee Mecca on Sunday. Oh Yum!! Nothing but a fruit puree & ice. It was awesome!

I'll check on the drop boxes today & bring a bra count update tonite.
Have a fantastic day !!!

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