Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bras by the numbers ... again

This count is not accurate as I know Drop Dead Fabulous has ALOT more than listed here.
I updated so the count is now much more accurate. Final count will be Saturday sometime. Should be fantastic!

Drop Dead Fabulous at last count ... 966

At my home ... 252

Total so far ... 1218

I spent some time recounting the ones at home just to be sure I had not messed up along the way. Then I began the process of separating them by the amount of hooks they have. This will help to make things a bit easier come hooking day. I have 14 that have been written on & are not included in the separated count below.

(click on them to see them bigger)

There were 23 bras with 1 hook. 126 with 2 hooks. 43 with 3 hooks. 16 with 4 hooks. And 1 with 5 hooks. Now all these close in the back. Then we have 29 that are a combination of front close, training with no hooks, & of course the one corset. Interesting. I can't wait to see them all strung together.

Picking up the boxes today from the East Wenatchee locations also brought some donations of money! I collected $65 in cash & checks!! A big thank you to all of you!!

(click to see bigger)

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