Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bra News & Bra counts

This is all getting so exciting people!! Laura has collected lots of bras from the Wenatchee side of the river the past couple days. I've gotten some by mail & a few from the boxes on this side. But even more exciting was my friend telling me about another place doing the bra thing.

Check out the article I found on it. >> HERE << One of the comments from a guessing reader (Helen in Victoria, Canada) on how many bras it would take: Well the Bridge is 7/8 of a mile long - which is 4620 feet divided by 36" or 3 feet (Average per Bra)= 1540 Bras from one end of the Bridge to the other - just a guess. Let's Hope there is a cure soon.

The friend who told me about this got some pix with his cell phone. I'll have to get him to email me some if he can.

So on to the bra count update!!! Ready?

At Drop Dead Fabulous 289

At my home 127

Total so far 416

Laura is stopping by the clinic today as they have said they have 2 bags full!! So we'll ad those to the count this weekend.

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