Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ahhh .... Approval for Bras

How fantastic is this ?? We have the approval from the Mayor of Wenatchee!! Now granted, it was not our first choice as to location, but the important part is that we have approval. Laura Herrera of Drop Dead Fabulous finally got someone to give her an answer.
Whew!! Thanks for all those phone calls & your persistence Laura!!

The bras will be strung along both sides of the pedestrian bridge. It is located at the foot of First Street in downtown Wenatchee. It bridges the railroad tracks & connects downtown to the Apple Capital Loop Trail. It's actually a perfect place to have the bras on display. People will be able to walk the bridge & see just how many wonderful bras we collected from not only The Valley, but all over the US. People will also be able to see the fun some ladies had "blinging" their bras before they donated them!!

Some people had issues with the bras waving form a bridge that was traveled everyday by thousands of people, including children. Well, I wont get into the children part but I do understand the traffic issue. There is concern that having the bras flying high on the bridge might cause traffic concerns. So, this pedestrian bridge is again the perfect solution.

So watch for those bras to be on display form October 19th to the 26th !!!

Thanks Mayor Dennis Johnson!!

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