Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness here we come !!!!

What have I gotten myself into? Something that could (& hopefully will) become huge.
Breast Cancer month is coming fast. October is just around the corner.

Last year sometime I had come across some photos online by a female photographer. She had seen the bras that had been collected & stretched across the Kansas River bridge. What an awesome sight that was. I knew then that I had to find a way to do that here in our Valley.

The thought stuck with me throughout the year.

Fast forward to yesterday. I brought my framed 16x20 donation print to Laura & Rhonda at Drop Dead Fabulous & stayed to chat with both ladies.
I made mention of my thoughts about the bras.

We talked a bit about what it might entail to make this work. The thought of just planning for next year was mentioned. Small ideas for this year were mentioned.

Rhonda makes her own scented lotions & such. She is making a special scent for Breast Cancer Awareness month. It will only be available in October. We talked about a name. Laura was saying it needed to be something that made you aware, alert & all that. I said .. call it Aware. But that's so ... simple Laura said. Simple is good. Simple will be remembered. So ... I helped name the new scent !! Aware .. by Rhonda. I can't wait to smell it.

After getting home yesterday afternoon, I looked online to see if I could find the photos & some info on the bras across the bridge thing. Info found! I emailed Laura & said maybe if we're crazy enough we could make this work this year. Maybe? She says go for it!!! So .... here we are.

Laura (who is a fantastic life coach) is on TV (a local cable channel) every week. She will also be on the radio a few times before the big event. This means we already have 2 major advertising venues. We'll work on getting the local paper involved. We'll work on getting sponsors for the bras. You know, getting businesses to say they will donate x amount of money for each bra collected, to the Breast Cancer foundation. Cool huh?

Wanna help?

Send me your bras !!!!

I spent late last night getting the word out in various places online.
Typed up an email & went to town !!!
To help out, send any unused, clean bras to me:

Nicole's Visions
Nicole Castille
PO Box 1602
Wenatchee, WA 98807-1602

You can write on the bras if you want. Show your support. It doesn't matter what kind of bra it is, send it. Old or new, big or small, colored or white, lace, wild or plain ... just send it!!

I'll be taking many photos of all the bras, the final turnout & offering them for sale after the event as well. I plan to document this process in photos. So watch for piles of donated bras, bras with loving memories, bras with words of support, etc. What fun!! After the event, & the bras come down from where ever they end up, I'll make some prints that will be for sale. A percentage of the proceeds will always be donated to the breast cancer foundation.

The plans still have kinks to work out, but we cant' do any of it without bras!!
We may not be able to string them across the bridge, but we'll make these 2 towns
(Wenatchee & East Wenatchee) take notice & become more aware of the importance
of early breast cancer detection.

I'll keep everyone updated as things progress.

Here's a few places that have done this already:
From the Brisbane Times in Australia
In the UK
In Canada
Another US one
The Kansas one

If you have links to other places that have done this, please let me know.
I'll be happy to add their info.

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